Declaration of consent


1. General

1.1. The following party is responsible for data processing:

talk4date GmbH
FN 421893g
Mahlerstraße 14/5
A-1010 Vienna

(hereafter referred to as “WHISPAR”)


2.1. With this declaration of consent, the user agrees to the processing of personal information as well as sensitive data by WHISPAR or a third party in the name of and on behalf of WHISPAR based on the following data protection provisions.

2.2. The user may withdraw this data processing consent at any time - wholly or partially within the realms permitted by law. The user also has the right to revoke permission for the use of their anonymised/pseudonymised data. Withdrawals must be submitted in writing to talk4date GmbH, Mahlerstraße 14/5, A-1010 Vienna.

3. Data Protection Provisions

3.1. The provision of services and support in finding an ideal life partner requires processing of the user’s data.

3.2. WHISPAR handles data submitted by users with the utmost of care, and to the best of its knowledge takes appropriate data security measures with regards to used databases. Due to the nature of open networks like the internet, complete data protection cannot be guaranteed, so users are obliged to take responsibility for the safety of data transferred by them.

3.3. The provision of services offered by WHISPAR makes it necessary to collect certain information from each user as a minimum. This includes but is not limited to the following entries within the realms of registration and set-up of the user’s account by the user:

(i) First name;

(ii) Location and postal code;

(iii) Profession;

(iv) Telephone number;

(v) Gender;

(vi) Language (automatically set by phone number code);

(vii)  Date of birth;

(viii) Physical build;

(ix) Athleticism;

(x) Smoker;

(xi) Alcohol consumption;

(xii) Availability for calls (days, times);

(xiii) Gender preference;

(xiv) Preferred age range; and

(xv) Search area.

The user can also add a profile picture to their user account.

3.4. WHISPAR also offers users the chance to create an audio profile, where the user introduces themselves in 10 to 30 seconds, providing some information about themselves. The submitted audio files are comprehensively checked before being published on WHISPAR to ensure that they do not violate the applicable terms and conditions and that they comply with WHISPAR’s high quality standards. Audio files may not be used for any other purpose than introducing and describing the user.

3.5. WHISPAR collects personal data in accordance with §4 section 1 of the Data Protection Act (DSchG). This covers information about the user that can be used to establish their identity. The use of personal data within the realms of fulfilling contractual obligations between WHISPAR and the user complies with §8 paragraph 3 section 4 of the DSchG. WHISPAR also collects sensitive data in the sense of §4 section 2 of the DSchG.

3.6. Data submitted by the user is not sold, exchanged or otherwise used without authorisation. Data is not transferred to third parties unless the user has granted their consent or the transfer is required by law.

3.7. The purpose and scope of data use is the safe, smooth and efficient provision of WHISPAR services. Data collected from the relevant user will be used for the following purposes:

(i) Provision of the services and customer support requested by the user;

(ii) Improvement and adjustment of WHISPAR services and content;

(iii) Checking communication between customers with regards to language quality, as well as customer communication with WHISPAR staff and

(iv) Information about further WHISPAR products.

3.8. WHISPAR uses SSL standard encryptions (Secure Socket Layer) and also protects saved information via firewalls. Access to submitted data is restricted to the lowest possible number of suitably trained staff and only possible under certain circumstances.

3.9. WHISPAR reserves the right to use anonymised evaluations of use data from user profiles for promotional purposes, market research and/or improving services. The user can withdraw their consent for this use at any time.

3.10. Contact initiation between users takes place solely via the services provided by WHISPAR, and is therefore anonymous for third parties. As a suitable messaging system is used, users never see the other user’s contact information (such as telephone number).

3.11. Payments and payment services for fee-based WHISPAR services are carried out using the industry standard process offered by the provider of the user’s end device’s and/or operating system’s “App store” (e.g. Apple, Google). WHISPAR has no access to the user’s payment information at any time.

3.12. If there is no necessity to further use user data (e.g. for criminal prosecutions), all user data will be deleted after the contract with WHISPAR has ended.

3.13.  By registering, the user consents to being contacted by WHISPAR by email for promotional and notification purposes.

3.14. The user can request information about their personal data saved by WHISPAR as well as how it was collected, the purpose of processing and the recipient to whom this data is transferred. This information request should be submitted to WHISPAR in writing in accordance with point 2.2.